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Daily Schedule

pic of teacherOur Daily Schedule


AM Class (8:00-10:45)

8:00- Morning routines (self help skills)

8:05-Announcements Calendar and Greeting time (Social)

8:15-Breakfast (self-help/fine motor)

8:30- Circle time Math/ABC (Language/Cognitive)

8:45- Small groups (Fine motor/Cognitive)

9:00-Center Time (Social/Emotional Development)

9:40 Story time Whole Language Unit-Literacy (Language/Cognitive)

10:00 Busy Fingers- table activities - Small groups (Fine Motor/Cognitive)

10:20 Recess (Gross Motor)

10:40 Music/Movement (Gross Motor/Language)

10:30- Dismissal


PM Class (12:15-3:00)

12:15-Arrival and daily routines (Self-help skills)

12:20-Pledge Calendar and Greeting (social)

12:25- Lunch (self-help skills)

12:45- Circle time Math/ABC (Language/Cognitive)

1:00- Small groups (fine motor/cognitive)

1:15- Centers (Social/Emotional Development)

1:55- Story Time- Whole Language Unit- Literacy (Language/Cognitive)

2:15- Busy Fingers Table activities/small group (Fine Motor/Cognitive)

2:35- Recess (Gross Motor)

2:50-Music/Movement (Gross Motor)

3:00- Dismissal

Sharon Bussell

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