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Sight Words

Sight Words

Our students are expected to learn 100 sight words by the end of First Grade.   We use the Fry's Sight Word List which is made of the most common high frequency words that you find in everyday reading.  They make up over half of every children's story, textbook, and newspaper article. Writing a sentence without using several of these first 100 words is difficult. Being able to read these words by sight without hesitation will help your child become a better reader and writer.  Students need to learn these words by sight because they are used frequently and some of the words do not follow spelling rules. Here are some websites that I think would be helpful if you are looking for extra practice at home. 

Unique Teaching Resources-

Fry's Sight Words and Phrases, Parental Information, and Helpful Tips for Home-

Fry's Sight Words Activities-


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