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What's Happening in Third Grade !!

What’s Happening in Second Grade?  

February 25-March 1, 2019



Writing/Language Arts



Social Studies

Phonics Skills:


Combinations ur, qu, ar (er and ar sounds)

Spelling Words:
with, that, rash, pack, lock, hush, chip, win, pond, ship, such, bath, chop, clap, thin, lunch, bad, much, black, dish


Sight Words:
are, come, do, eight, four from, have, into, love, of, one, said, some, the, they, to, today, together, two, tomorrow


**Sight words are not tested thing week!**

-Phonics & Spelling Test: Friday 3/1/2019 

-  Animal Research

 Sentence Editing

- Review

-Animal and Plant Needs




- Government and Leaders




aily Homework Suggestions:

Read 20 minutes
Practice addition and subtraction flash cards (provided by the family, not the school)
Saxon Phonics Nightly Homework Page (backside of classwork worksheet)

Upcoming Events

Read Across America Week Dress Up Days(2/25-3/1):
Monday: PJ Day
Tuesday: Color Green
Wednesday: Backwards, Inside out and Mismatch
Thursday: Hat Day
Friday: Silly Sock Day