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What's Happening in Second Grade this week?

What’s Happening in Second Grade?  

September 7-10, 2021




Writing/Language Arts



Social Studies

Phonics Skills: 
-diagraphs ch/sh

-Combination er/ir

-Voiced s

-Phonics Assessment: Friday

Spelling Words:

-Practice list 3 (See attached or copy sent home.)

-Spelling Test: Friday

Sight Words:

-still review Fry’s first 100 list and now add the second list 101-135 to ( See attached or copy sent home.)



-making text connections to real life

-internal and external traits o characters

-compare and contrast ideas in the story using text evidence

-use comprehension and vocabulary to check for understanding

-Still working on “How to write a personal narrative” (Grade will be taken on writing this week.)



1. Compound Sentences

2. Coordinating conjunctions

3. Making complete sentences






- Identifying numbers to 1200 in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.

-Reviewing properties of matter (solid, liquid and gas)




-Labor Day

-Inventiveness and how people used inventiveness to contribute to their communities.


Daily Homework Suggestions:
Read 20 minutes (book of choice)
Practice facts sent home
Saxon Phonics Nightly Homework Page (backside of classwork worksheet)
Practice spelling words using the tic-tac-toe page sent home

Study reading vocabulary words sent home 

Practice reading sight words (1-100) Now add 101-135 for this week to practice too. 



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