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What's Happening in Second Grade this week?

What’s Happening in Second Grade?

March 9-13, 2020




Writing/Language Arts



Social Studies

Phonics Skills

-Dropping Rule

-Long Multi-syllable words

-Final Stable Syllable – ture

-New sight words

Spelling Words:

-wall, kite, tall, thought, way, horse, date, spray, never, sure, give, May, brother, ball, house, mouse, small, mountain, side, and blouse


1. Put the red dish on the table.

2. Where did the dog go that was here yesterday?

Sight Words:

-poor, often, move, live, give, floor, door, climb, certain, beautiful

 Phonics & Spelling Test: 3/13/2020.

-locate and analyze photo essays

-identify characteristics of informational texts

-Use and apply text features




-writing procedural texts

-Adjectives with -er and -est

-Subject/predicate with -s and -es

-Reading and writing time using digital and analog clocks.

- Reviewing plants and animals needs and food chains for Unit 6 test






- Goods and services

-Consumers and producers


Daily Homework Suggestions:
Read 15 minutes
Practice math facts

Study spelling words
Saxon Phonics Nightly Homework Page (backside of classwork worksheet)

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